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Instrument Ordering Guide - Fall 2022

Miss Corrie is pleased to offer your family the ability to order quality Kindermusik® products for home use or gift-giving.  Kindermusik instruments & props are wonderful gifts for your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and friends.    

Enrolled families can also choose to order the books from their unit classes.  Please inquire with Miss Corrie about the specific units/titles for availability, costs & additional details.  

Orders can be placed by sending a completed order form, or by emailing a list to Email orders will be confirmed with a reply.  

Download the Order Form


Send your payment via e-transfer to  Cash and cheques also accepted – please arrange pick up with Miss Corrie.   Orders will not be considered valid without accompanying payment. Orders can be submitted now until November 21st 2022 and will arrive in the first week of December.


All items are subject to availability.  In the event that your item is out of stock, the full cost of the item will be refunded to you.

Once your order arrives it will be packed in a bag that conceals the contents to keep the surprise.  Orders for enrolled families will be distributed during regular class times.  Orders can be picked up at the studio at alternate times by coordinating with Miss Corrie.  There is no shipping or delivery available. 

Please reach out with any questions – I am happy to chat with you and provide more information.  Many items are part of my collection.  If you wish to see/try out a specific item please let me know.  


Happy Shopping and thank you for supporting local. 


Egg Shaker (sold individually).  With open-ended appeal, this classic egg shaker is small enough for baby to hold and shake AND interesting enough for preschoolers to create more complex movements and patterns.  $4+hst each.


Double Blue egg shaker.  At 5 1/2" in length, the Kindermusik double egg shaker doubles the fun! Even the youngest children can easily hold and play this instrument. Picture a chubby hand wrapped around one egg shaker while shaking the other side. (The sound varies depending on which side is shaking!). Or the grasp can be in the middle to get both sides shaking. $7+hst each.


Fish-shaped shaker.  Wiggle this fish to see the brightly coloured beads bounce around inside the clear tummy.  Safe for babies 3 months and up, this sturdy instrument has a specially designed grip just right for tiny hands and makes a soft shaking sound.  $8+hst each.


Circle & Triangle Shaker set.  Children 3 months & up enjoy these high-contrast, brightly colored circle and triangle shakers (slightly over 2" in size). The durable plastic shapes have smooth, rounded edges, and each shape produces a different sound when shaken and are great for stacking. $9+hst per set.


Triangle & Square Shaker Set. These brightly coloured shakers (just over 2" in size), are ideal for children 3 months and up. Watch your little one gravitate toward the high-contrast stripes, learn to hold the shakers in multiple ways, and explore the different sounds each object makes. Plus, these durable plastic shapes have smooth, rounded edges, making it a safe option for babies, teethers, and beyond. $9+hst per set.


Mini Rainbow Shaker.  Safe around babies 3 months and older, this shaker is a sight and sound sensation! Turn it over; multicolored beads cascade to the rainlike sound. Roll it on a flat surface; watch the colors swirl around and around. Tap it gently to watch the beads bounce or rub two together for a completely new sound. Small hands easily grip the shaker, so children can experiment on their own. (3 1/2" x 2 1/2") $8+hst each.


Triangle Shaped Shaker.  Colorful triangle shaped maraca shaker filled with multi-colored beads that create a gentle, soft sound.  Designed for young hands to grasp and shake for musical fun. 3 months +.  Colours vary. $7+hst each.


Snail Clacker.  The brightly colored 4 1/2" snail is designed to fit into little hands, and its interesting shapes and textures encourage lots and lots of sensory play. Babies and toddlers love exploring the ripples and ridges on its shell and the bumpy antennae on its head. Shake the snail to produce a gentle knocking sound. For ages 3 months and up.  Colours Vary. $7+hst each.

ratchett roller.JPG

Ratchet Roller.  Designed for little hands (3 months+), the textured handle on this sturdy instrument is easy to grip. Experimentation possibilities abound! Roll the 3 3/4” x 3 3/4” ratchet over carpet to hear a clicking, rattling sound. Or older babies can build strength in their hand muscles by rotating the central egg-shaped piece. $7+hst each.

Circle Bell.JPG

Circle shaped bell. A Kindermusik favourite with lots of textures to explore. The perfect size for little hands, this easy-to-grasp instrument allows babies 3 months and older to produce a bright, jingly sound. Three safety mounted bells are housed in a brightly colored, sturdy plastic circle that is easy to grip.   Colors may vary. $7+hst each.

cage bell.JPG

Mini Cage Bell. Makes a clear, crisp ringing sound. For ages 3 months and up.  Colours vary. $7+hst each.


Scarf (choose yellow, green, blue or purple).  Add fun and whimsy to any movement, pretend-play, or peekaboo activity with the brightly-colored 30" x 30" Kindermusik scarf. Lightweight and sheer, with hemmed edges for durability. For all ages. 100% polyester. Machine wash gentle, hang-dry or air-dryer setting. $7+hst each.

sensory ball.jpg

Individual Sensory Ball.  These soft 4" plastic balls have a bumpy surface, allowing babies as young as 6 months to easily grip them. Older children enjoy squeezing, rolling, throwing, patting or kicking them. Great for massage by rolling on backs, bellies, arms, legs and feet.  The balls come fully inflated and can be re-inflated via a built-in "basketball pin" receptacle. Colours Vary.  $10+hst each

Sensory Ball set.JPG

Sensory Ball Set (one each of red, yellow, green & blue).  $35+hst per set.

chime ball.jpg

Chime Ball.  This firm but squishy vinyl ball is a Kindermusik favorite for all ages! At 4 inches in diameter, it's easy for babies and toddlers to grip, and the pleasing chiming sound offers an auditory surprise. Enjoy the fun as children pat, grip, bounce, or roll this musical ball. $10+hst each.


Kindermusik Beach Ball. The beach ball inflates to a colorful 10" diameter. The size and light weight of the ball make it easy to propel yet slow to travel.  Slightly-deflated beach balls are easier to grab and fun as a tummy-time prop.  Adult supervision required. $4+hst each.


Clip Clap.  Babies 6 months and up love playing with this durable, easy-to-grip plastic instrument. A row of bright, multicolored, specially shaped discs slide and produce a lively clapping sound. (5" x 4 1/2") $10+hst each.


Mini Tambourine (colour may vary). The easy-to-grip molded handle on this 4 ¾” x 3 ¾” mini tambourine makes music-making a breeze for even the smallest instrumentalists. The durable plastic case safely houses four pairs of 1” jingles that clink and clang at the slightest movement. For ages 8 months and up. $8+hst each.

rhythm sticks.jpg

Elephant Shaped Shaker.  This colorful percussion shaker, shaped like an elephant, is made of sturdy hard plastic that is phthalate and BPA free. It is easy for children 12 months and up to hold (3 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/4"). Moving the elephant in different ways and directions automatically produces cascades of "popping" sounds. $7+hst each.

Polar Bear Shaker: Designed for ages 12 months and up, this adorable & eco-friendly shaker (4" x 2.125") is made with 100% rubberwood and a non-toxic clear coat, contains recyclable pellets for a soothing sound, and features smooth, curved edges, all ideal for safe exploration and boosting early auditory and motor development.  $9 each.

Wooden Rhythm Sticks (sold in pairs). These wooden rhythm sticks are just the right size for children as young as 2. Measuring 7" long and 3/4" in diameter, the sticks are carefully smoothed and feature ends with safe beveled edges. When they tap the sticks together, children will be pleased with the distinctive clacking that resembles the sound of a true clave.  $4+hst per pair.

Green sandblocks (pair).  Exclusive to Kindermusik, these green sandblocks are great for little musicians 18 months and older. The sandpaper is lightly coarse, resulting in a great sound when the blocks are rubbed together…while not hurting if children try rubbing a block on themselves. Child-sized knobs make these 3" x 2" blocks easy for toddlers and preschoolers to grasp. $7+hst per pair.


Zig-zag blocks (pair). A Kindermusik exclusive! These 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" Kindermusik  zig-zag blocks fit perfectly into little hands. Rub, tap, scrape, or clap the blocks together to produce a variety of sounds, or gently brush the bumpy playing surface on arms, legs, hands, and feet for some fun sensory play. For ages 12 months and up. $7+hst per pair.


Sea Shell Castanets (set of 2). A Kindermusik exclusive! These adorable seashell castanets are made of durable plastic, with a textured handle that makes them easy to play. Quickly whip them back and forth to make "clickity-clack" sounds, or tap one castanet on the palm of your hand for a louder "clip-clop" sound. 5" x 3". For ages 18 months and up. $9+hst per pair.


Stir Xylophone.  Stir up some fun with this unique, circular xylophone! The eight graduated, beveled slats yield a variety of interesting sound effects when played with the wooden spoon. Tap each slat for a crisp, staccato sound, or stir the spoon around the inside for a rippling, sparkling sound. Base: 3 ¼”; tallest slat: 6”; spoon: 6 ½”. Designed for ages 18 months and up.  $25+hst each.


Clatterpillar.  A colorful acrylic version of the Kokiriko. The Clatterpillar is even easier for the smallest hands to handle. Alternating plates of yellow and another primary color make a great visual effect.  For ages 2+. Colors vary. $20+hst each.


Train Whistle.  When children 2 years and up successfully blow into this 4-chambered wooden train whistle, they are rewarded with an authentic steam engine 4-toned sound. Chubby little hands easily grasp this instrument (1 1/2 inches square, 7 1/2 inches long), which has smoothly sanded edges and surfaces and an exclusive, rounded mouthpiece. $8+hst each.


Red Harmonica.  This classic harmonica encourages musical experimentation. Slide it side to side. Blow louder or softer. Each combo creates a new sound, helping kids master the basics of melody and rhythm while they play. It features durable construction, authentic-looking harmonica design, and quality musical notes.  Harmonica safety tested for ages 3 years and up. $8+hst each.


1-bell jingle sticks (pair). To make this sturdy jingle stick, a 1 1/2" bell is securely attached to the wooden handle, for a total length of 5 inches. Children will enjoy the clear bright bell tone produced by shaking the instrument.  Ages 2+.  $10+hst per pair. 

A Kindermusik exclusive! This brightly colored, toddler-friendly version of our popular one-bell jingle is made of durable plastic and sized perfectly for smaller hands. It produces a bright, pleasant jingle when rung, and features a pedestal base that allows it to stand on flat surfaces when not in use. 4 ½” long; cage measures 2 ½” x 1 ¾”.

For ages 18 months and up.  $10+hst each.

ankle bells.JPG

Ankle Bells (pair).  Sold in pairs, these ankle bells are durable, child-safe and the band is sized to fit little ankles. The velcro closure allows for a secure fit and easy manipulation for little fingers. Children will enjoy jingling where ever they go!  Age tested 3+ years.  $9+hst per pair.

da bars.JPG

D & A Resonator Bars.  Our two metal resonator bars are clearly marked D and A. The bars are mounted on durable plastic sound boxes with built-in legs, which makes them easy to hold and play OR to place on a flat surface for playing. When the rubber mallet (two 7 1/2" mallets included) strikes the center of a bar, a clear ringing tone is produced. Bars are 6" x 1 1/4" x 1 /4" and safety rated for 3 years+.  $25+hst.


4" Triangle & Striker set.  The solid metal construction of this 4" triangle ensures the quality of the many sounds the instrument can produce. Players (3+ years) can do plenty of experimentation--from lightly striking the triangle on an open side for a rich vibrant sound, to striking the closed angle quickly back and forth to produce a wavering tone (tremolo). Includes a 5 1/2" long metal striker with wooden handle. $18+hst per set.


6" Wood Tambourine: Shake out the wiggles and find the rhythm with Kindermusik's open wood tambourine.  Designed for ages 3 and up, this 6" favorite is easy to grasp & lightweight.  It features four pairs of metal jingles, perfect for shaking, tapping, or rattling along to the music. Adult supervision recommended. $15+hst each.


Finger Cymbals (set).  Adjustable elastic finger loops make these lightweight brass finger cymbals easy to play like castanets (by tapping the inside of the cymbals together at the same time to produce a bell-like "chinging" sound). Young musicians can also tap the edges of the finger cymbals for a high, long ringing tone. (2" diameter).  Recommended 3+ years.  Adult supervision recommended. $15+hst per set.

spring castanettes.JPG

Castanets (set of 2).  What's better than having a clickity-clackety wooden castanet in each hand? The top and bottom of each castanet is connected with strong snap-back elastic. To produce the sound, children 3 years old and up simply pinch the two sides together. Then the sides "spring back," ready to play again. $11+hst per pair.


Green Lummi Sticks (set of 2).  Our 12” hardwood Lummi sticks are strong and durable, allowing for plenty of enthusiastic percussion play! Tap or scrape the ridged sticks together or against another surface to produce a variety of sounds. 3/4" diameter. For ages 3+. $9+hst per pair.

Scraper/Shaker set.  Children love experimenting with this versatile two-in-one instrument and discovering the range of nature sounds it produces. Shake the 6” cylinder to hear gentle rain sounds, or run the scraper along the ridges for a bumpy sound—the possibilities are endless! Constructed of durable wood. For ages 3+.  $20+hst per set.


Frog Guiro: Children 3 years and up enjoy producing different sounds with this unique wooden frog guiro. (2 1/2" x 2" x 1 1/2") Run the scraper along the carved notches: “Croak!” Tap the head with the scraper: "Tick-tock!” Change the pitch by covering the holes beside the mouth. Safely store the scraper by threading it through the holes. $10+hst each.


Large Fish-Shaped Guiro.  This colorful fish-shaped guiro is hand-painted and carved from wood and produces traditional Latin sounds. Small scraper included.  Works well with a rhythm stick scraper (not included).  Recommended Adult Use Only.  $31+hst each.


This two-tone wood block set (recommended adult use only) comes with a handle and a wooden striker. Simply place the smaller end of the red-tipped handle into the hole on the woodblock to attach it. When struck with the striker, each side of the woodblock produces a distinctly different sound...tap the sides back and forth and listen for the tick-tock!  $12+hst each.


Nino Drum. Experiment with rhythmic patterns and a wide variety of sounds on the powerful but lightweight NINO drum. Perfectly suited for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children, the 8" drum's durable textured synthetic head and unbreakable plastic shell ensure years of trouble-free use. For ages 3+  $30+hst each.

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