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Ongoing School Year Enrollment September 2024 to May 2025


What is Ongoing Enrollment?

We want to make your experience as easy as possible! Ongoing enrollment means that you can join or cancel anytime. 


Monthly tuition is calculated by taking the total number of classes from September 2024 to May 2025 and dividing it into 9 equal automatic monthly installments.


Upon registration, your credit card will be billed a nonrefundable $25 registration/clerical fee which will secure your child's spot. Tuition will be processed on the first of each month thereafter beginning Sept 1st, 2024 through May 1st, 2025. 


The monthly tuition fee does not represent a certain number of classes per month; rather, it represents a TOTAL number of classes for the school year. While most months do have 4 classes there may occasionally be a month with 3 or 5 classes depending on how the calendar falls. 


For the best experience and value, we hope you can join us for the entire season but we understand that is not always possible. You may enroll or cancel at any time however, written notice by email is required by the 20th of the month to avoid being charged the following monthly installment. The 2024/2025 Session begins Tuesday, September 3rd, 2024, and ends at the end of May 2025. 


There are 36 classes throughout the school year session (September through May). Tuition will be pro-rated based on your start date.




  • Award-winning curriculum delivered by a passionate and knowledgeable instructor

  • Unlimited makeup classes provided you are currently enrolled.

  • Kindermusik App with tons of music, e-books, and more.

  • Priceless memories




Make-up classes are an enrollment perk that allows you to add value to your investment and experience.  Please note the following guidelines & policies regarding make-up classes.  


If you know in advance you will miss a class (work conflict, vacation, appointment, illness) it is very much appreciated if you let Miss Corrie know as early as possible as this may allow someone else to use that space for a make-up class. 


If you or your child is unwell (fever, diarrhea, vomiting, skin sores or unexplained rash, thick green or yellow nasal discharge, general malaise, or COVID-19 symptoms) the best place for you is at home where you can rest and recover. 


When you miss a class, you may reach out to Miss Corrie for dates and times that are available for a make-up class or you can schedule directly via your account under the Make-Up Class tab. In some cases, we may be able to accommodate you joining your regularly scheduled class via Zoom instead. Please send a text or email in advance to request the login information. 


To be fair to all enrolled families, only one make-up class may be scheduled at a time.


  • Make-up classes are usually available, but can not be guaranteed since class sizes are capped for safety and enjoyment.

  • Make-up classes can be used by siblings in the same family, even if the sibling is not currently enrolled in a class.

  • Make-up classes are an enrollment perk. Once your enrollment ends, make-up classes can no longer be scheduled.

  • There are no make-ups for missed make-ups.  

  • It is not possible to make up Level 4 & 5 classes due to the progressive nature of the lessons.  Arrangements can be made to receive the missed week's home materials & activity sheets so that your child can complete these at home before the next scheduled class.

  • If you are absent for a Playdate/ Single Class experience there are no make-ups or refunds. You will still be able to access your digital album. 

  • There are no refunds for absences from classes for any reason. If you have special circumstances or compassionate reasons, please reach out so we can work together for your unique situation.  


Class Cancellations

  • In the event that the studio is closed for any reason, affected classes will be notified via class email along with a post on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram).

  • In general, the studio only closes for weather if local public schools are closed. Always use your own good judgment before heading out in wintry weather based on the conditions where you live.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent/ caregiver to ensure that they are aware of closures; Kindermusik With Miss Corrie will be diligent about informing families, but cannot be held responsible if the notifications are not seen. 

  • In general, when the studio is closed and classes are canceled, an extra class is added to the end of the session.  Full details will be provided to affected families.

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